Parallel Worlds

 John changes channels

Sue irons his shirt.

The children are sleeping

as they playfully flirt


The radio crackles;

my senses awake!

I hear the call come through -

I know what's at stake


He heads to the kitchen

and winks as he walks.

Sue touches his arm

in the distance a siren squacks.


The siren is wailing

the streets are quite wet.

I have to drive faster

we're not there yet


He points to the bedroom

"before the kids are awake"

she giggles and smiles, 

says "it's really quite late"


Brakes squeal sharply

as I come to a halt.

There lies the victim

of a vicious assault


She leaves her chores

as he leads the way.

Two parents and lovers

at the end of their day


The bleeding won't stop

his mother is crying!

This mans bleeding out

right here where he's lying


She readies the bed;

he runs a bath

She checks on the children

toys cluttering her path.


The family distraught -

at the loss of a son

Try what I could,

I could not save this one.


John hears the siren

as he closes the tap.

Sue curses quietly

thinking "what's with all that"


Gloves strewn on the ground

beside shattered dreams.

Just another victim of crime

or that's what it seems.


Two roads away John and Sue,

ready for bed, all safe and sound.


No idea of the tragedy played out

just two blocks down.