Windows 10 - Should you or shouldn't you?

 Windows 10 is in early release stages and many people have already noticed the little “do you want to upgrade” notices popping up on their screens – so the question of course is – do you?

To be fair, for many years here in South Africa the average consumer has been wary of Windows releases and erred on the side of caution to let the rest of the world figure out the bugs and bits before taking the plunge.

I can prattle on for quite a while on the security updates and the new features – including thankfully the return of a startbar and programs menu – but that’s not the issue here and you can easily find that information online.

So far we’ve tested Windows 10 in pre-release and have to admit that, well – we like it. It’s slick, everything is easy to find and yes it’s stable. In South Africa we have to of course warn you that the download of the upgrade will definitely dent your bandwidth and of course – be patient. Do not switch your machine off (or go through load shedding) or disconnect from the internet during the upgrade – that would not be pretty and may well need a technician to get things sorted out again.

The upgrade we ran was quite quick and for a home user computer I’d say it’s worth doing. Change is a good thing – besides, if you have a legal copy of Windows 7.1 or 8, then the upgrade is FREE.

For a business user – well I’m not convinced that it’s the right thing to do just yet. Perhaps holding off a little while would be more prudent. Many common accounting packages aren’t Windows 10 ready just yet and we did struggle with our specialized software – MsOffice of course wasn’t an issue at all.

Bottom line – if you’re upgrading at home, check for load shedding and make sure you have enough data on your internet connection to get through the process – your data will not be affected by the upgrade it’s quite safe.

If you’re upgrading at work – better check first. Make sure all of your office software is compatible with Windows 10 and that your bandwidth allocation can manage multiple machine upgrades or that you’re running Wsus so that you only pull the upgrade once for all the machines on your network.