A giant walked by

A giant walked by

seven feet no less.

Fearless and brave

no signs of stress

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Crinkles and Wrinkles

when i see wrinkles

crinkles and lines

I see a life filled with smiles

and often hard times

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The Men of Marikana

Massacre they scream

Murder they cry

They don’t even look at the facts

They don’t ask why

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Like away the pain

I first saw her photo

when a friend shared the post

Sympathy, shock, fear,

I’m not sure which I felt most

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Dance with the Devil

A penny for your soul?

a shiny silver coin?

Perhaps some gold for you

as your values I purloin.

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A twisted place

A twisted place of darkness

Much anger hurt and pain

And in the depths of this depravity

I fear I will remain

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Blue Tonight

Tonight I'll be preacher

teacher and  more,

to the richest of the rich

and the poorest of the poor.

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My life matters

If my head could just forget

the things my eyes have seen.

If I could lie in slumber,

forget the places I have been.

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The rambling path

The path that forms before me

leads neither left or right

the choices I must make

seeking wrong from right

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Secrets and snakes

I hold within me

a secret dark and deep

I lie awake some nights

and dream of finding sleep

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“What is that flower there?”

my young son said to me

I’ve seen you wear it year on year

what is it supposed to be?

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A certain kindness

Mistake you not my kindness

for weakness nor patience for tolerance.

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Missing you

woke up this morning

beside a pillow lying cold

bedding undisturbed

no more chance to watch you grow old

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We were soldiers

We were soldiers

once and young.

Bold and brave

in lands far flung

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