Secrets and snakes

 I hold within me

a secret dark and deep

I lie awake some nights

and dream of finding sleep


I walk among you

standing tall and proud

yet if you knew my secret

you'd surely cry out loud


Some days they are quite are easy

yet others, they are not.

I keep alive within me

what others have forgot


I am the protector

of a snake inside the bag I hold.

It is my sacred duty -

from now till I am old


It walks the road with me

no matter where i go.

This has to be a secret -

you will never know


If I were to show you

what I hide deep inside

you would think the worse of me

that much I’ll decide


You may say "no

I’d never see you otherwise"

but I know better -

I’ve seen it in your eyes.


I gladly bear this burden

It is my given choice

to bear this duty all my days

and stem the little voice.


For who am I without my task

as keeper of the snake?

"let go be free" you say -

that's a chance I just can't take


I've done this for so long

it's not a burden don't you see,

the snake inside the bag  -

is now - a part of me