Blue Tonight

 Tonight I'll be preacher

teacher and  more,

to the richest of the rich

and the poorest of the poor.


I'll serve with pride

and hold my head high.

I'll ignore the odd insult.

Well - I promise I'll try


I'll join in the fight

or hold reasonable debate.

I'll be peacemaker and more,

from now until late.


Many will condem 

the decisions I make

but in that split second -

my hand won't shake


I've seen love and seen hatered

witnessed sorrow and sadness.

I've seen humility, compassion

and complete utter madness.


People may judge me 

and not always agree -

it's the uniform they see

but that's not really ME!


Inside I'm quite normal,

just like they are.

It's the uniform that hides me

and my patrol car.


Tonight I'll go home 

weary and spent

I'll drink instant coffee and 

worry about rent


Some people are black

and some people are white


All that I know -

is I'm blue tonight