A twisted place

 A twisted place of darkness

Much anger hurt and pain

And in the depths of this depravity

I fear I will remain


I dwell within this place

by living day to day

Its been this dark for oh so long

I know no other way.


My feelings are contrived by large

Emotions hurt too much

I’ve never questioned why it is

I’ve just accepted it as such.


My soul is dark inside

I cannot let you see

For what is kept inside

Is only meant for me


I carry burdens through my daily life

These scars I’ve learned to bear


But I hear rumours of a better place

Could you take me there?


I dream of having sleep filled nights

Of telling right from wrong

I live in hope of feeling love

Of joining in lifes throng


I see the happy people,

Living simple lives

Sleeping through the peaceful night

And having loving wives


I crave the simple joys

I live to love and hope

I wonder if this place you’ve seen

Will teach me how to cope?


So take me if you will

And lead me by the hand

I’ll follow every step

Like footprints in the sand


And if you lead me

From darkness into light

I promise you I’ll see it through

Even in the darkest night.


And when the journeys over

And we stand face to face

I’ll look into your smiling eyes

And thank you for your grace


CLP 2006