Dance with the Devil

 A penny for your soul?

a shiny silver coin?

Perhaps some gold for you

as your values I purloin.


Let's up the ante from the start

just gimme what you've got.

Integrity and pride are good,

honesty's hot to trot


Perhaps we'll do a deal?

I'll take modesty and pride!

Give me just a little bit,

sit back, enjoy the ride


I'll trade a moments fame -

throw in a brand new car.

Just give me those old morals

without them you'll go far!


Now don't be oh so petty - 

you can't drive self esteem;

and do you need compassion?

it's really so "has been"


I'll take each value one by one

I'll stack them in a pile

And when you're just a hollow shell-

then I'll sit back and smile