The Men of Marikana

 Massacre they scream

Murder they cry

They don’t even look at the facts

They don’t ask why

They see the men run

They see police fire!

But before this –

What did transpire?


They show only minutes

Of what lasted a week

They point fingers and blame

they call US weak?


They don’t know what it’s like

To stand in the line

To feel tension and risk

all of the time


They don’t see our planning

Our attempts to bring peace

They just see dead bodies

and point blame at the police


They don’t stop to think

to think of our lives.

We’re just normal people

with children and wives


They call them victims

And visit their beds

They ignore our dead colleagues

and just shake their heads


So I just shrug my shoulders

and keep dressing in blue

I’m doing my job

protecting people like you


Sometimes it is hard

The decisions we make

to protect life and property

and all that’s at stake


We have months worth of training

and more every day

we learn tactics and planning

no matter what they


We serve with pride

and dignity to boot

and if they don’t recognize this

I don’t give a hoot


I know I serve proudly

and think it all through

all for the sake

of protecting people like you


And when the dust has all settled

and the blame has been laid

I’ll still be standing her

that’s just how I’m made


I stand tall and take it

each day

it’s part of the job

it’s part of my pay


I’m not black or white

I’m really just blue

And proud of my job

protecting people like you