A giant walked by

 A giant walked by

seven feet no less.

Fearless and brave

no signs of stress


He looked in my eyes

He saw into my soul

his eyes burned right through me

just like coal.


His hands were tough

from years of hard work.

I think he just smiled

or was that a smirk?


Tall and tough,

protective as hell -

Of those that he loved,

his daugher would tell.


When he laughed

there was thunder,

when he smiled it was calm


When he started to speak,

you could tell of 

his charm.


A giant indeed, 

I sensed pride 

and much more


This man was a warrior

yet had not known my

type of war?


He fought for his family

to raise them just right


He helped where he could

where he saw those with a plight


This giant I saw

was really quite kind


Not at all the fierce

man I first had in mind


I learned so much from him

this giant man-eater


A true gentle soul, 

I used to call Peter



Bye Peter, thank you for everything you taught me, including how to be a gentle-giant.