Craig Pedersen

OsInt & Digital Forensics Investigator


1989-1990                                            SADF (National Service)

                                                                Honorably discharged

1993-1998                                            Shell Oil SA (PTY) Ltd

                                                                ARB National Systems Administrator

I left the company having attained the above position after receiving in-house training in programing languages, concepts and principles as well as systems analysis and design. During this time I attended company-based training on fundamental accounting principles, digital audit and investigation specifically within the PEC8850 environment.  My duties and responsibilities during this period included scoping and coding systems for the ARB division within a relational database environment over platforms including MsAccess, Sql and Visual Basic. During the final time with the company I consulted to the Namibian Offices performing random and selected site audits. Site audits focused on balancing digital systems to paper based systems to ensure full disclosure of turnover and the supplier chain.

1998 – Current                    The Computer Guyz / Digital Forensics

                                                                Owner/ Head of forensics

The company has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg with a staff compliment of 20+ and offers a range of proprietary technologies as well as support services, design and hosting.  My daily functions are that of the General Manager and heading the digital forensics division of the business. The company has an incident response team as well as an in-house data analyst and cellular specialist.

Within the forensics arm of the business I have designed the chain of custody protocols in terms of industry best practice as well as the on-scene protocols. I conduct on scene investigation and manage the incident response team. I oversee the analysis of media using a variety of tools including Magnet Axiom, Paraben and Celebrite which are well respected within the industry.

I have worked on forensic investigations around South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom.

Over the past ten years I have conducted and participated in over 100 investigations ranging from digital image manipulation to commercial crime investigation, mail and cellular tracing, due diligence investigations, digital profiling, asset tracking and e-mail based fraud.  I have worked directly for clients as well as under the umbrella of Attorneys for both commercial clients and government departments.

Courses & Commendations

Microsoft Partner path from registered partner to Gold partner

E-Safe Anti-Virus and malware specialist training

Area Commissioners Certificate, Diligence as SAPS Instructor

Attended Anti-Virus training United Kingdom with Norman AV

SAPS Milnerton Commendation, Arrest – most wanted CIT suspect

Certified Life Skills Coach (Stonebridge College, UK)

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority – Security Management

Endpoint Security training in Dublin, Ireland

Member of the American Society of Industrial Security

SAPS commendation for service in intelligence led operations

Reservist of the year Award, SAPS Prestige Awards (2nd Place)

REID Interrogation Methodology Workshop (Dana Rodden)

Awarded SAPS FIFA 2010 Medal

Awarded SAPS 20 year Service Medal

IT Management Course (UCT)

Nexan Fibre Optic Installation training

Nexan Fiber Optic Supervisor training

Commendation, Arrest of suspect known as the “UCT Serial Rapist”

Court Aligned Mediator (UCT)

CFE Prep course

Social Media Intelligence / Osint – Tomoko

MCISA Member in good standing (In prep for CISA exams)

Cognitive Interview Technique (Ferreira)

Winner – SAPS Best Group, Serial & Electronic Crimes

Commendation by Minister of Police

OsInt Analyst (IntelTechniques)

Interpol illicit tobacco course

Interpol Brand Counterfeiting & prevention course

Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE)

Certified Cyber Crime Investigator (IAFCI)

DS Certified Mobile Operator (Paraben)

Selected as Guest Lecturer for University Of Pretoria 2020 Curriculum on Open Source Intelligence & Practical Digital Forensics.

Courses Instructed – 2019:               

                                Forensics: Chain of Custody (1 day program)

                                Forensics: Acquisition Phase (1 day program)

                                OsInt Introduction workshop (1 day program)

                                Osint Level 1 (5 day program)

                                Osint Level 2 (5 day program)

                                Practical Cyber Crime Investigation (5 day program)


  • Member of the REID Institute
    (non-aggressive interview technique)
  • International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI)
  • Member ISACA
  • Association of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. (ACFE)
  • PSIRA registered